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Phone: 07402262161
***NEW Address*** From 06/01/20
 Kingsley Road
Bishops Tachbrook
Leamington Spa
House number to be given on booking


Facebook Reviews

I am Joanne and I love all things dogs! 

Previously, I worked in an office and also cared for the elderly but now I get the pleasure of working with dogs all day and I couldn't be more grateful. 

I always knew I wanted to work with animals as I have grown up with dogs and riding horses. I contemplated veterinary nursing but realised I couldn't watch a single vet programme without crying. So I took the plunge and qualified with my City & Guilds Level 3 intro in Dog Grooming. 

That was the best decision I ever made!

My approach to grooming is working with dogs on a one to one basis in a calm environment. 

I believe dogs are energy readers and pick up off what energy we are sending, which is why it is important to me to be calm and confident when grooming. 

Imagine if you went to the dentist and you were really nervous, but to make the situation worse, your dentist is shaky, unconfident, can't communicate with you and doesn't handle you very gently. 

I certainly wouldn't want to go!! 

Now picture a dentist who is calm, collected, gentle, reassuring and knows exactly what to say to you. 

Most of my clients have become regulars now so generally the dogs have become calmer and reassured about what is going to happen. 


I truly do believe to help communicate with your dog is to take things slowly. So if I needed to pick up the paw, you slowly run your hand down the shoulder and leg in order to give them chance to process what is about to happen. 


 We take breaks and when we are finished its play time and sometimes treat time (if allowed)!


The end goal for me is to make sure your dog is happy and comfortable and to make them look cute and cuddly again! Where matting is concerned, it always depends on the severity but under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 we must protect them from pain and suffering. Therefore sometimes it is not possible to brush the matting out and only clip it off in order to keep your pooch pain free! 

I look forward to meeting your dogs very soon!













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