Dog groomer leamington


Prices will start from £40 for small dogs.

Dog groomer leamington
Puppy visits

A first visit for puppies up to 6 months old to get them used to the equipment and noises. This service will include a bath, dry and tidy. We recommend a couple of short visits before their first full groom.

Price starts from £25

Smooth Coated Breeds

For all smooth coated breeds that need a bath, dry, deshed, ears cleaned and nails clipped.


French Bulldogs 





Prices start from £25


Full Grooms


This service includes a bath with two shampoos, the coat dried, fully brushed out, free of tangles and knots, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, style to your preference and not to forget perfume and a bandana!!!

Prices listed below may vary slightly either way. No two dogs are the same so these prices are listed as a guide. If your dog is very overgrown, matted, larger than breed standard or has a behavioural problem the price will increase due to the groom taking longer.



Prices will start from £45 for medium sized dogs.

Pet grooming leamington


Hand Stripping

No availability.


Bath and Go

If your dog requires a bath and brush in between grooming visits, prices will be discussed with you. Or even if it just a one off bath after a muddy run in the park. This service includes a bath, drying the coat, brushing the coat out and nails trimmed.

Prices start from £20



Prices will start from £55 for large dogs.

Dog groomer leamington spa
Nails Only

Prices start from £8 per dog for nails to be clipped only. 


For double coated dogs that do not need clipping but need the dead undercoat removing. 


Border collie 

Golden Retriever

Chow chow


Prices start from £25